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Bombay Talkies (2013) Movie Review Details | Bollywood Movie Reviews

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Bombay Talkies (2013) Movie Review Details :-

It’s a fact Cinema and cricket are pursued with religious fervor in India. Cinema connects us. Cinema unites us. Cinema is indeed the predominant influence on our lives. Cinema is, without doubt, an integral part of every movie lover Indian cinema, which completes its 100th year this year, ought to be commemorated. What better way than four avant garde film-makers combining forces to pay respect to cinema — Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Anurag Kashyap. Backed by Viacom18, the four prolific film-makers set out to narrate stories that are unconventional, borrowed from real life, about the common man. Also, each of those stories has a reference to Indian cinema/stars.

The four stories in BOMBAY TALKIES made at a stipulated budget of Rs 1.5 cr each, the duration not exceeding 20/25 minutes are entwined in one film. Of course, experiments like this, when one or multiple raconteurs join hands to narrate distinctive stories, aren’t new. Recall DARNA MANA HAI, DARNA ZAROORI HAI, SALAAM-E-ISHQ and DUS KAHANIYAAN.

A film like BOMBAY TALKIES gives an opportunity to film-makers to step out of their comfort zone and try to create something novel. It’s a podium that does not necessarily cater to the box-office or the diaspora alone. Also, it helps the film-maker to tap the latent talent that he/she possesses, but it’s never nurtured due to commercial constraints. The challenge lies in not merely narrating a story within a budget, but also narrating a tale effectively encompassing myriad emotions…

Karan Johar Plot: All’s well between an urban couple till the wife meets a colleague at work. It changes their lives forever.

Think of Karan Johar and you can’t help but recall larger than life movies, music, dances, emotions, drama, grandiose sets, stunning locales, chic outfits But Karan does an about-turn with the story in BOMBAY TALKIES. Of course, in films like KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA and MY NAME IS KHAN, Karan did make an attempt to push the envelope, but with the short story in BOMBAY TALKIES, he narrates a story that no film-maker has endeavored to narrate on the Hindi screen. I was in a state of disbelief because I never expected Karan to narrate an account with such flourish in those 20 odd minutes. Karan reinvents himself here!

The story revolves around three characters and each of them delivers bravura performances. Rani is efficient, as always. Randeep is finally getting the characters that do justice to his talent. But it is Saqib Saleem who stuns you with a dazzling performance. Kudos to Karan for taking a giant leap as a storyteller and depicting a harsh reality with brilliance!

Dibakar Banerjee Plot: An actor is struggling to make a living. While watching a film shoot one day, he gets an opportunity that helps him prove himself to his daughter.

Based on Satyajit Ray’s short story ‘Patol Babu, Film Star’, Dibakar changes the setting from middle class Kolkata to middle class Dadar in Mumbai. With this story, Dibakar attempts to underline the actuality that personal contentment cannot be weighed against monetary incentives. In the end, the contentment on Nawaz’s face, his body language as he narrates a story to his daughter, the cheerfulness he radiates seems so bona fide. You must hand it to Dibakar for transporting to the fore a story that makes you reflect on the various decisions of your past.

There are two vital performers in this story, Nawazuddin and Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Nawazuddin is brilliant all through, specifically in the sequence when he rushes home to his daughter to narrate a new story. It’s indeed a pleasure to watch the supremely talented Sadashiv Amrapurkar after a hiatus.

Anurag Kashyap Plot: A young man arrives in Mumbai from Allahabad to fulfill his ailing father’s last wish.

Anurag is known for pushing the boundaries, for thinking out of the box, for swimming against the tide… most importantly, he’s known for encouraging new, deserving talent. Anurag too does an about-turn and makes a film that’s in sharp contrast to the ‘dark films’ he’s synonymous with. The story he narrates evokes myriad emotions it makes you chuckle, it makes you feel sympathetic towards the millions of hopeful who arrive in the city, it makes you moist-eyed when something drastic transpires during the train journey. With this film, Anurag should silence the naysayers who feel he restricts himself to confined themes only.

Vineet Kumar Singh is a talent to watch out for. The vulnerability of an outsider when he arrives in a metropolis like Mumbai is projected radiantly by this young actor. Sudhir Pande is first-rate. But it is Amitabh Bachchan’s super cameo that adjoins credence to the sequence of events.

Zoya Akhtar Plot: A kid from a middle class family is captivated by an actress. He decides to break the rules of the society and chase his dreams.

Parents who thrust their condescending ambitions on their kids are not new for Bollywood. Zoya tackled a similar plot in LUCK BY CHANCE. Now Zoya drives home a pertinent message through a kid here. The middle class setting, the defenselessness of the kids, the dilemma when parents decide what their kids ought to be when they grow up Zoya’s handling of the delicate moments stay with you. The usage of ‘My Name Is Sheela’ is the icing on the cake and the kid’s moves are amazing.

While Ranvir Shorey enacts the part of the disciplinarian father to perfection, it’s the performance of the two kids-Naman and Khushi Dubey, that are most rewarding. Naman in particular is the star of the story. Katrina Kaif appears in a sparkling cameo.

The film concludes with a tribute to Indian cinema, which brings as many as twenty top stars together on the same platform.

On the whole, BOMBAY TALKIES is one of those infrequent movies wherein you get to eyeball the superior efforts of four top notch film-makers in less than two hours. This reality alone makes the film a compelling watch, while the superior performances and absorbing themes that the movie prides itself in only serve as an icing on the cake. This celebration of cinema is a must watch!

Go Goa Gone (2013) Movie Review Details | Bollywood Movie Reviews

Go Goa Gone Movie Poster

Go Goa Gone (2013) Movie Review Details :-

Bollywood has dabbled with ghosts, spirits and paranormal movies aplenty. Besides, the supernatural and horror genre is fast gaining popularity with dream merchants, after a hiatus. Now, storytellers in Mumbai are geared up to take the genre to an altogether new level, introducing the spectators to zombies. GO GOA GONE, directed by Raj and DK, is India’s first ‘zom-com’.

Romance, action and comedy continue to be the most privileged genres in Bollywood, but the past few years have witnessed a number of experiments catching the audience eye. Fear and hilarity are opposite sides of the coin. To amalgamate them in a movie script requires a truly fertile mind because you don’t anticipate humor and horror to go hand-in-hand. The expectations from GO GOA GONE are, evidently, colossal, in view of the fact that something like this hasn’t been attempted on the Hindi screen earlier, although cineastes have witnessed zombies in Hollywood films. A zom-com can pave the way for movies of similar genre in times to come, if it finds an audience.

GO GOA GONE is looked forward to for varied reasons: The zom-com aspect, zany look of the film, Saif’s bleached getup [he plays a zombie killer in the movie], wicked one-liners and enticing music… But the challenge lies in educating the spectator about zombies, since there’s no zombie folklore to enlighten them thus far. Let’s face it, making a zom-com means treading into untried, alien territory. It’s always a peril if you think out of the box, when you offer something innovative to the spectator. At the same time, a subject like this offers ample opportunity to its maker to break rules.

But Raj and DK pull it off with flourish! A film like GO GOA GONE pushes the envelope and that, without beating around the bush, needs to be lauded!

Hardik [Kunal Khemu] and Luv [Vir Das] tag along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny [Anand Tiwari], on his office trip. Luv comes across Luna [Puja Gupta], who invites him to an exclusive rave party on a remote island. The party is the brainchild of Russian mafioso Boris [Saif Ali Khan] to launch the ultimate party drug. But the party goes horribly wrong… All of a sudden, they are accosted by zombies!

GO GOA GONE comes across more as an adventure flick than a conventional horror film. Sure, it has its share of violence and gore, besides some cuss words, rave party et al, but the fun quotient is smartly integrated in the screenplay and what comes across is crazy, madcap amusement. The humor is smart and the factors that have resulted in an ‘A’ certificate have been done aesthetically and don’t come across as distasteful or offensive. Frankly, Raj and DK make a genuine effort to give the viewers something they haven’t watched before. The aim is to make you giggle and also shriek the next moment.

Perhaps, Raj and DK are enthused by Hollywood movies and there’s no denying that GO GOA GONE is a film with Hollywood sensibilities. But the best part is that the film never gets dark or depressing. The wit and humor, generously interwoven in the narrative, keeps you smiling all through, despite the blood and gore. The only time the film loses its balance is towards the middle of the second hour, albeit slightly. Also, Anand Tiwari’s back story of how he escaped from the clutches of the zombies could’ve been more persuasive, but the final moments bring the narrative back on track.

The soundtrack [Sachin-Jigar] is essential to the script and has its place in the proceedings. The film comprises of energetic tracks with some amusing, quirky lyrics. ‘Khoon Choos Le’ and ‘Babaji Ki Booty’ match the theme of the film wonderfully. The background score is electrifying. The music piece at the rave party in particular is trippy. Dialogue, much like the content of the film, are aimed at the youngistaan and if one may say so, make you chuckle on varied occasions. Cinematography is perfect.

Saif balances the suave and uncouth persona with effortlessness. Even if the narrative tends to dip at times, Saif makes sure he breathes life into the proceedings. Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari are a riot. The youngsters pull off their acts and indulge in dramatics without going overboard. The camaraderie is great! Kunal is a revelation. He sheds all inhibitions and delivers a punch-packed performance. Vir Das is a complete natural. He essays his part with super conviction. Anand Tiwari is in terrific form. This film should prove a big turnaround in his career. Puja gets a meaty part to make her presence felt and she does very well.

On the whole, GO GOA GONE is experimental since something like this has never been attempted earlier. But it’s fun, witty, amusing and yes, thoroughly entertaining. The youngistaan is sure to love this mad, mad, mad ride!